How to Take Jewelry Photos that Attract Potential Buyers? Your jewelry photography skills play a critical role in determining the success rate of your online business. In fact, the 2012 Internet Retail Exhibition Conference (IEC) revealed that 75% of the studied consumers reported that product image quality is one of the most valuable features that add up to a satisfactory shopping experience. Fast forward to last year’s IEC event, the power of high-converting, stellar ecommerce product images remains true more strongly today as consumers are continuously revealing diversified ways of discovering, searching, and buying products online.

Needless to say, images matter greatly in e-commerce. This is more pressing to jewelry retailers online whose jewelry photography skills are put to the test every time a potential buyer frolic their way on to the e-commerce website. Product information begins from professional jewelry product images. Being part of the overall shopping experience, its ability to boost sales is unquestionable. Apparently, as technology continues to evolve, so is the growing expectations of jewelry shoppers worldwide. Jewelry retailers online should learn to advance their jewelry photography skills in congruence with the demands of the market.

In the recent report by Research and Markets, the online fine jewelry market is expected to capture at least 10% of the global market while online fashion jewelry market is poised for an even larger projected sales increase of about 15% by 2020. Considering that online luxury sales are growing in Asia, jewelry retailers online should be equipped to shepherd these potential consumers to their side of the fence by ensuring that the touch-and-feel obstacle between these consumers and the website is eliminated.

Apparently, there may be several reasons why your jewelry is not selling, a big part of it relates to the online presentation of jewelry images which are too poor to generate sales or increase consumer loyalty. If you feel that your jewelry images are more likely sabotaging your success, read on and get ready to sharpen your jewelry photography knowledge.

Get Ready to Unleash Your Jewelry Photography Power!


You’ve all read and heard about it. Jewelry photography has always been a mystery to most, but this does not mean that there are no fundamental jewelry photography techniques you all can apply to achieve that desired sparkle.

This can be accomplished by illuminating your diamonds or gemstones with a direct light source that is positioned almost at the same place as your camera. Bear in mind that using ordinary lights can cause unwanted glare so be sure to look for diamond-appropriate light sources. Special bulbs or daylight coloured LEDs deliver the results you want because these are specially designed to unravel the brilliant sparkle of your diamonds.



Click your way through productive jewelry photography results by ditching your use of on-camera flash.  Aside from being excessively bright, on-camera flash can also produce unwanted shadows that can hurt your effort. Instead, opt for daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs that provide natural-coloured illumination or use natural lighting.

Alternatively, you can also invest in other photography devices such as photography light box and other jewelry photography kit that are guaranteed to cut your labour in half without breaking the bank. A professionally made jewelry light box, for example, is one of the ways that revolutionises jewelry photography these days. A jewelry photography equipment like this offers several benefits that make professional jewelry images as easy as one click.

Poor photography lighting setup is one of the common challenges faced by jewelry retailers. Read here to find out how to correct it.


Prop wax is the most professional way of presenting your jewelry and other small charms. It holds the piece in position and provides invisible support that allows you to capture intricate details of your products perfectly. Just use a small amount. It is strong and does not dry out quickly so you can use it repeatedly. Additionally, it also keeps your jewelry in focus – something that is hard to achieve when using jewelry display busts that are designed for brick and mortar jewelry stores.



White background product photography works!

Pique your viewer’s curiosity by directing their eyes to your jewelry without distracting backgrounds. A clean white background offers  several advantages. It can bring out the exquisite vibe in every jewelry and aid when shooting highly reflective pieces such as gold and silver. These pieces are known to absorb all colours in the background. Hence a white backdrop helps in ensuring that the piece maintains its exact colour and does not create unwanted reflections.



Though some of you may have unwittingly disregarded the power of consistency, it does impact your overall conversion rate. A professional visual presentation is one of the critical deciding factors when buying online. Consumers want to purchase pieces of jewelry that speak to them and are represented by the highest quality as possible. The lack of consistency in jewelry photography can easily communicate your unprofessionalis behaviour. Needless to say, consumers only purchase what their eyes can see, and if they cannot see consistency and quality in your jewelry product images, it is highly likely that your loss is your competitor’s gain.
To achieve consistency, create a set of guidelines that meet your desired jewelry photography outcomes and make sure to document it to reflect uniformity. This documentation includes lighting, the position of your devices, and other camera settings. Remember that variations and uneven sizes of photographs may easily distract your consumers so make your online presentation as pleasing to the eyes as possible.
Amp up your knowledge on jewelry photography because pictures sell! Professionally-taken jewelry images can dramatically strengthen your brand identity which plays a great role in building consumer confidence and loyalty. Finally, strong jewelry imagery increases your conversion rate because stellar jewelry images mean richer shopping experience and better buying decisions.