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GemLightbox makes your jewelry photography stress-free

Jewelry Photography: A Bitter Journey

Common jewelry photography journey: Is this your story? The smell of impending frustration kicks in the moment you start thinking that...

Basic photography tips in camera shake reduction

Basic Photography Tips: Reduce Camera Shake When Taking Jewelry Images

How to Reduce Camera Shake When Taking Jewelry Images These basic photography tips come in handy, especially when competing for brand...

Improve your jewelry photography skills and make it as appealing as this ring

Jewelry Photography Tips: Amp Up Your Skills With These Simple Jewelry Visual Display

LEVEL UP YOUR JEWELRY PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS How to Take Jewelry Photos that Attract Potential Buyers? Your jewelry photography skills play a critical...

How to drive traffic to your Etsy shop

How to Drive Traffic To Your Etsy Shop

How to sell things on Etsy?  This has been one of the most perennial questions asked by novices who want to...

Smartphone photography tips for online jewelry retailers

Smartphone Photography Tips for Online Jewelry Retailers

Read further here to know more about smartphone photography tips coupled with the easy-to-use jewelry photo box from GemLightbox.

Jewelry retouching guide using Photoshop

Jewelry Retouching 101: Four Photoshop Hacks to Impress Your Consumers with Appealing Product Images

Click here for a more detailed jewelry photography tutorial and photo retouching guide using Photoshop.

Common jewelry photography mistakes and how to fix them

Jewelry Photography Mistakes: The Most Common Product Photography Challenges and How to Fix Them

Read this if you want to take great photographs of your jewelry products without having to worry about the jewelry photography...

PicUp Media offers a jewelry retouching service that converts visitors to buyers.

Jewelry Retouching Service: Why do I need Image Retouching?

Click here to find out how else PicUp Media could help you with all your jewelry needs!

Jewelry image retouching: how to retouch the back shanks of the ring

Jewelry Image Retouching: How to Retouch the back shanks of the Rings

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