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  • What we do

    PicUp Media is your online jewellery retouching partner. Currently trusted and used by over 2000 jewellers worldwide with over 500,000+ jewelry images processed- we are one of the worlds leaders in jewellery retouching.  PicUp Media will ensure that your customers will not only scan your site but also be attracted with your products. Our expertise allows us to deliver high quality images in less than 72 hours. We process hundreds of photos daily; retouched, resized and delivered to you for all your online selling purposes.

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    PicUp Media is your leading partner in entering the digital market of jewellery industry. As e-commerce trading continues to reflect an even more glittering future, we aim to lead the jewellery industry into the digital environment through constant innovation and digital enhancement. Our honest rates deliver world-class services and assist you in building a formidable online brand through first-rate visual imagery; this will close the information gap between your jewellery products and your customers.

PicUp Media, which is a portmanteau of “Picture” and “Upgrade”, is owned by a parent company registered in Hong Kong – the Harmony Eternity International Groups founded in 1975.
Harmony Eternity is a leader in jewellery manufacturing, trading, and e-commerce solutions in the jewellery sector. This leadership inspired the foundation of PicUp Media.
  • How we started

    Coming from a lineage of successful jewellers, PicUp Media was founded by a team of e-commerce professionals at Harmony Eternity. Having tried perfecting photography setups whilst trying to keep costs and budgets in place, the team invested in professional cameras, lighting kits, self-made light boxes, and other useful photography tools.
    The team is an advocate of stellar product images at minimal costs. However producing jewellery images that speak louder than words remained a mystery. Despite the existence of advanced photography tools, none of this worked as the team learnt that it is almost impossible to capture a beautiful jewellery image without retouching.

  • continued..

    Struck by this realisation and overwhelmed by the growing power of visual engagement, the team invested time and efforts into perfecting retouching on jewellery products. The hard work got noticed. After bringing life into more than 100,000 lacklustre images, companies from all over the world began approaching us about our images.  Since then, the team has started to grow with experts and staff based in Sydney and Hong Kong.

  • We know that quality images produce loyal buyers

    Professional photography can instil confidence in your buyers. Unless you’re willing to waste ample of time watching product photography tutorials, you can surely achieve studio-grade product images by outsourcing your post-photography work to us. Photos do sell as buyers would think negatively of your product if they cannot see the details of it through your images. Our professional photo retouching services ensure a successful merchandising as we will work with you to understand your brand identity and provide the required visual imagery to convert your visitors to buyers. Buyers are thrice as likely to purchase online when you provide them with rich visual imagery that could satisfy all the questions brought about by the touch barrier.

    Professional product images help online retailers sell all kinds of products. We will work with you to help you improve your buyers’ online shopping experience through rich visual presentation. With PicUp Media, your product images are the only sales talk you’ll need.

  • Product Images that Sell? We’ve Got You Covered!

    As Jewellers ourselves, we know that online shoppers are influenced by photography. Pictures do sell, and it can break or make your ecommerce sales. PicUp Media spends many hours interacting with clients – understanding and delivering their product photography needs. Throughout this experience, we’re still amazed by how many ecommerce websites have risked losing their potential buyers to rival brands because of poor product photography.

  • We know that quality images can PicUp your sales

    Online shoppers expect quality online shopping experience. When they go to your website, they expect visually appealing product images that satisfy their demands and answer their questions. Unlike with actual shopping experience that provides your buyers the opportunity to touch and try your products on, online retailers are only dependent on the quality of the product images to bridge this gap; hence, poor product photography yields poor sales result

  • We know that quality images can impact your conversion rate

    Do you know that your conversion rate is influenced by the quality and consistency of your product images? Potential buyers expect professional quality images when browsing through your website and considering products worthy of virtul carts. Hiring professional online image editors is the best way to achieve consistency and quality. PicUp Media knows the most appropriate photo background and enhancements for your product because we know your market. Our professional editing services deliver high quality results to make sure your buyers will see what they want to see in your products.

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