Harry Georje Diamonds


GemLightbox Meets the reputable Jewellers behind Harry Georje Diamonds

Harry Georje Diamonds is an expert team of jewellers that craft exquisite jewellery designs at a remarkable value. It is renowned globally for working exclusively with reputable and legitimate suppliers who enable them to deliver exceptionally graded diamonds, precious stones, gold, platinum, and silver with an already outstanding intrinsic value from the time of purchase.

Strictly known for its key principles of provenance, quality, and value, Harry Georje has managed to establish strong business connections with small and big retail names worldwide. This relationship was founded on trust and strong client confidence for the brand – a name toiled for by Harry himself for over 30 years. Harry, a De Beers Award Winning Australian Jeweller, De Beers Approved International Diamond Merchant, and De Beers Approved Master Jeweller, had indeed built a reputation that makes him a coveted master jeweller. His assistance was once sought by Stuart Devlin who was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s goldsmith and jeweller. Harry extended his expertise to Stuart by assisting the latter in repairing a damaged Faberge Egg in 1987.

Harry and his business partner, Davide, are truly distinguished jewellery industry veterans. With such a formidable reputation, it didn’t come as a surprise when they stood there, looking sceptical as they watched on with the crowd of people around the GemLightbox booth at the Sydney Jewellery Fair last September.


Fast forward to today – two months after that sceptical encounter at the booth – with headphones still plugged in and fresh from his morning walk to King St., Davide welcomed us into his office with an amiable smile. This time, the look of scepticism was long gone. The team behind the GemLightbox had once again got this rare pleasure of meeting and sitting down with Davide. Their workshop, which is situated in the iconic Trust Building at the corner of Castlereagh and King Street, is such an indulging heritage walk. The building’s commanding architecture – designed and erected during the pre-World War I era – is difficult to miss. It is also home to some of Sydney’s famed jewellers.

As we got in, we didn’t find Harry in the office, but Alex’ warm and approachable disposition along with Davide greeted us that day. It’s always a lovely experience catching up with friends in the industry. The jewellers at Harry Georje Diamonds were certainly no exception.

When asked about their experience using the GemLightbox so far, they replied:

“Good! Some customers can be extremely demanding. Sometimes, some pieces are delivered on the same day it is being picked up. Such fast turnaround leaves us very little time to take beautiful photos of our design for documentation purposes and us to simply admire the beauty that comes out of our craftsmanship. The irony is that we spend so much time making those pieces, but we have so little time to really take a good look and admire the exquisiteness of the design.”

“Did it solve that?”, we followed up.

“Definitely! The best thing about the GemLightbox is that it’s QUICK, QUICK, and QUICK! We get excellent quality photos. In a normal day, we really only have a few seconds to do our jewellery photography. Now, we don’t have to worry about time-constraints.”

Before we left, we queried Alex and Davide briefly on what made them turn from sceptics to believers of the GemLightbox. This is what they have to say:

“You know, another great thing we love about the GemLightbox is that you can really add your own creativity in using it. The smartphone works perfectly. The photos we capture is good and only takes a few seconds. Look at that, that’s all we need!”

As we said goodbye and sauntered happily out of their workshop, Davide’s satisfied voice chase our ears as he uttered:

“Please keep me updated with the application that is coming out next year! I would love to see the GemLightbox team create a small dedicated camera for the GemLightbox. That would be such a great feature!”

2018 is definitely going to be a busy year!